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Truck Bed Measurements

Unlike European trucks, American tractors are much better adapted to driving on Ukrainian roads and traveling long distances. Therefore, in recent years, there have been more and more people who want to buy an American tractor. And PLC group will help you to make such a large purchase overseas and deliver it to Ukraine.

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Trucks from the USA – features and benefits

The USA is a country with a huge territory. The peculiarity of American trucks is that they maximize the safety and comfort of the driver, who has to travel long distances and be on the road for many days. Given the operating conditions, the requirements for the running and technical characteristics of the machine are very high, and US tractors from the USA 100% meet these requirements.

The main advantages of American trucks:

Endurance of all dynamic nodes:

  • a strong frame made of high-strength steel, which remains unscathed in any accident;
  • powerful engine with a huge working resource;
  • a unique transmission system (synchronous), in which the clutch is practically not used, so the PP box does not wear out;
  • durable axles (both rear axles are driven, which reduces the load on the system).

High efficiency and load capacity:
US trucks have a shortened frame, but at the same time they have huge traction potential due to the saddle clutch system;
higher payload in relation to its own weight compared to European trucks.
The best dynamics and maneuverability.
A simple hitch system that allows quick trailer changes.
Increased resistance to corrosion. The body is made of a steel frame and aluminum, which eliminates the destruction of metal throughout the entire service life.
Safe bonnet layout (the risk of death in an accident is minimized):

  • implementation of many active and passive safety systems;
  • frame stiffness;
  • free space in front of the driver.
  • Ideal conditions for work and rest of the driver:
  • comfortable seat;
  • ergonomic panel and well-organized space;
  • a cozy cabin where you can stand upright and have everything you need for a good rest.
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In addition to the general advantages, trucks from the USA have a number of advantages directly for Ukrainian owners:

  • good selection of used cars for sale;
  • favorable price of delivery from the USA;
  • unpretentiousness of tractors to fuel;
  • low cost of components and availability of maintenance;
  • increased cross-country ability (our roads are not terrible);
  • very long engine life (at least 2 million km).

How to import an American tractor from the USA

To purchase used American trucks (you can only buy them from North American marketplaces), you first need to decide on the purchase budget, then select the vehicle model of interest at an American auction. Next, you need to make sure that you are being sold a car with a clean history, available for export from the States.

After participation and winning at the auction, the buyer concludes a contract of sale and pays. The next stage is insurance, then delivery to the US port, loading into a container. Next – meeting the car in the Ukrainian port, customs clearance, unloading control, technical inspection. It is necessary to obtain a Ukrainian certificate for an American tractor and register it.

Truck from America to PLC group

The easiest way to purchase a US truck is to conclude a turnkey delivery agreement with the dealer company PLC group. Such an agreement provides many advantages:

  • professional advice at all stages of the purchase;
  • access to catalogs of the best auctions;
  • quick and rational solution of all organizational and legal issues;
  • expedition cars in the States and Ukraine.
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